Sharepoint has quickly become a near “must have” program among business owners. With its unbelievably well rounded platform SP covers just about every necessary aspect of staying in clear communication with your associates.

Now in my opinion, an important aspect of effective business operation is making all of your tools easily accessible. In my industry, our website is extremely important and it is a tremendous benefit to have it in short distance.

With SP being such a huge part of me and my teams everyday work life, I found it extremely beneficial to be able to add our website address to the top link bar.

So how do you do this?

Let me take you through the process, step by step.

1. Login to your Sharepoint account using a login that has 링크모음 administrative rights.
2. Once you are logged in, direct your attention to the top right hand corner of your page. You will see a tab that is entitled “Site Actions”. Click on that tab.
3. Once you have selected this tab, a drop down menu will appear. Select the option that is titled “Site Settings”.
4. After you have selected the “Site Settings” tab, a new page will appear with a menu displayed horizontally. The 2nd menu option in from the left will be titled “Look and Feel”. Under that heading will be a “top link bar” option. Select this option.
5. Next, a page will appear that displays your current links as well as a heading tab that says “New Link”. Click that tab.
6. Now, you will be taken to a page that asks you to fill out the URL of the website you would like displayed as well as a description of the site. You will want to be careful when filling out the description because the text you put in here will be what is stated on your top link bar. I would recommend being very brief; maybe 1 or 2 words.