Mark of Use (POU) meters are intended to give a submetering answer for those properties that can’t be submetered by customary submeters because of plumbing plans that carry numerous lines into the loft or office (stacked risers). The meters were explicitly intended for stacked riser plumbing designs normally found in properties that use a focal heater to give high temp water.

In a common establishment tiny stream đồng hồ đo lưu lượng nước are introduced subtly on each hot and cold outlet to the shower/tub, latrine, sink, dish washer and garments washer. Contingent upon the producer the stream meters either have a transmitter inherent or are associated with a point of interaction board/transmitter. The transmitters report use data to a focal Processing PC that thusly advances the use data to a charging focus where bills can be printed and shipped off the end client.

Gear and establishment costs are normally higher that customary frameworks yet the restitution is still generally under a year. While settling on a POU meter, an important thought ought to be that the meters can be perused by any Automated Reading System (AMR). This permits the land owner to pick either many charging organizations and doesn’t attach the proprietor to gear that must be perused by a couple of organizations.

Submetering has been demonstrated by various investigations to decrease utilization by as much as 39%. Despite the fact that POU meters have been accessible for north of a decade they have not been broadly utilized as of not long ago. With the ebb and flow interest in green arrangements and the consistently rising water and sewer costs properties that in the past couldn’t be customarily metered are currently introducing POU meters and profiting from the very kind of use decreases that properties with regular pipes have acknowledged for quite a long time. Since generally half of condos and 90% of places of business use stacked riser plumbing the advantages of submetering with POU meters have scarcely been contacted.