Perhaps they may have never left, but it appears that MMO strategy games are in resurgence. They consistently appear to be among the latest incarnations in online games. Players may have preferences for playing roles, or adopting characteristics in certain games while others will prefer the execution and development of strategies to construct or conquer an empire or dynasty. Many of the options and choice are available in free online MMO strategy games. Because the games are easily accessible from your web browsers, players are allowed several options that can enhance then gaming experience. Variations and advances are introduced constantly, and there are options among the various types of games from which players may chose.

The market for MMO strategy games is now as huge as it is wide, with some truly astounding statistics. Strategy is the most important part of these games, and selection is part of the process, the other equally parts of the process include developing alliances to build an army, where you can develop your empire.

Some interesting facts about these games

• There are now more than 50,000,000 MMO gamers and almost 50 % of them are paying for the privilege to play.

• The average spent on playing MMO game in the US is almost $9.0.

• Almost 50 % of the revenue from MMO games is generated by monthly subscriptions.

• In the US, over $ one billion is spent on monthly subscriptions.’

Virtual currency generates $410 million annually while micro transactionsแทงบอลออนไลน์ accounts for $160,000,000. By all standards the MMO strategy games industry is huge. The three top countries that generate the most revenue in the industry are the USA, the UK and Germany. Over 2 $ billion is generated in the USA, followed by the UK, which accounts for $270,000,000, followed closely by Germany where $250,000,000 is generated.

It appears that the popularity of these games spans all ages and demographics, with players as young as 8 yrs old to over 80. The sex of the players leans slightly toward the male. There appears to be some interesting changes in the European market as the established players in the game, are being challenged by new publishers.

The latest figures show that the market in Europe totals €1.3 billion in 2012 in the major European countries, but the business appears to be dominated by three companies that generate more than 70% of annual revenues.The three companies, Electronic Arts, Blizzard and Gameforge and now facing some new challenges from smaller entrants that are using newer strategies to boost customer acquisitions.

Nexon, which has published the famous MapleStory, already has 2.7MM monthly active users in Europe, and has recently bought a minority stake in two companies, NCSoft and Gamania respectively, that they are leveraging to gain a foothold in the industry. It is highly conceivable that they can compete with blockbuster titles like World of Warcraft, Star Wars: the Old Republic, and Dark Age of Camelot.The biggest European MMO market is Germany with €474MM in sales in 21012 last year, and there are also some dramatic changes in the industry landscape as the broadcasting group ProSieben, is expanding its footprint.