In South Africa there is a very aggressive insurance company called Outsurance. Outsurance has pioneered several news ways of doing business within the insurance business and marketing in general. Outsurance started the philosophy of ensuring that insurers always get back something from insurance whether they have claimed or not. If you have paid your monthly instalments deligently, but you have suffered no misfortune over a certain period, they will pay back a years instalments in full without affecting your insurance coverage. They termed this Outbonus and coined the saying “You always get something out”. Insurance is notorious for finding the most trivial of reasons not to pay. Outsurance discovered that they could change this to their advantage. They have changed insurance forever.

Many insurance companies in South Africa have joined this band wagon and everywhere you look companies are coming up with all kinds of ways of giving back something to those who have not suffered a misfortune after a period of time.

Amazingly Outsurance is not famous for pioneering this change. Outsurance is famous for always coming up with ingenious ways of helping out the public in need.

One of their greatest master stroke marketing move is the Outsurance points men. These are formerly unemployed men, that have been recruited and trained to help out at notorious road intersections. The traffic department usually gets over stretched at some times of the day. These points men แทงบอลออนไลน์ quickly rush to the traffic gridlocks and fill the void. Heaps of praise is always pouring out for these men and no single day goes without them getting radio coverage. They are actually part of some radio stations first point of call in an event of a traffic gridlock and this happens daily.

Outsurance did not get as much coverage for the pioneering work in Outbonuses alluded to earlier as compared to what they have got from these points men. The salaries they pay these men pays itself back thousands of times, in terms of free coverage and marketing Outsurance gets.

As a football club you have to get something positive beyond the championship, that will keep you in the press and consequently in the eyes of the public. If you look at it, you play a game once or twice a week. There are other teams playing on those days as well. So, at most all you get is a footnote in the news. Is that enough for your marketing efforts?

You have to find something in society beyond football. Something that will keep people interested in you and in the process offer you thousands worth of free press coverage. Outsurance has pointed you in the right direction.