Manufacturers are quick to pint out that their diet pills only contain natural substances. However, never take diet pills of any sort without checking with your doctor first and remember that they should never be used as a method to avoid cutting back on your daily calorie intake. Even if they do contain natural ingredients and you bought them over the counter, it does not change the fact that you should check the potential side effect.

These pills are not meant to be taken with food or mixed into drinks, whether crushed or not, but do make sure that you have a full glass of water to take them with. However, these pills make you urinate more frequently and while this is quite natural it does mean that you will become dehydrated if you do not have at least eight glasses of water throughout the day to counteract this.

It may seem unnecessary to say but only take the recommended dosage because taking more than required will not help you lose weight but increase the risk of side effects. Whilst you are taking these pills, regular checks of your heart rate is important as it should be on or below eight six beats per minute but if it rises to over 90, which you will know because you are keeping a check then you should cease taking the weight loss pills.

It is important to follow the instructions that come with the pills but  Trim Life Keto Reviews  equally to listen to what your dietician says and follow your diet plan as they probably won’t work as expected. Diet pills containing phenylpropanolamine, an appetite suppressant, can only be used for a very short period as they may increase the chance of a stroke but some studies at put the use to be limited to under a month so a doctor’s guidance is necessary here.

Other than illegal means, diet pills are only available over the counter or those prescribed by a suitable medical official. The FDA monitors all drugs and watches for side effects and diet pills are no exception.

One of those pills prescribed is Xenical and although it is licensed for extended use, side effects are still found especially with diarrhea and other related problems. Over the counter diet pills are categorized as food products and as such, not regulated; this is why it is often better to just have a reduced fat diet plan organized.

Side effects from the over the counter pills can be serious, as they aren’t federal authority tested, however ask your pharmacist’s advice as he may be able to help. All this concern is even more relevant if you look into your family history and find that it includes heart, blood pressure and thyroid problems as well as mental illness, stroke seizure as well as a prostate condition.