Date: Saturday eighth August 2009 at 6.30pm (nearby time)
Scene: Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange (The Engenhao), in Rio de Janeiro

Before Thursday evenings misfortune with Sao Paulo, Botafogo were on an unbeaten 7 game roll, don’t foam at the mouth excessively however as 4 from that roll were draws. In any case, a large portion of their draws have been away and today they face a group in Atletico PR who have dominated just 2 matches from the last 7.

Sao Paulo beat the “Enormous Fire” (Fogao) 3-1, Thursday,ufabetเว็บแทงบอล  barely astounding as I several reviews prior, Sao Paulo will ascend the association quicker than Jacob ascended his stepping stool – with the goal that misfortune will not be held against them, additionally, Big Fire hasn’t succeeded at Morumbi starting around 1998.

Before Thursday night’s 0-2 win at Cruzeiro, Atletico had just dominated 1 match from 6 – the success would have without a doubt infused some certainty into generally a striving group. We musn’t anyway move cleared away by the triumph, it was after all against an uncommon low upright Cruzeiro who are moping around the drop zone. It was a sketchy undertaking with 3 red cards and as expected of late, the Cruz overwhelmed early play to waver big time in play as well as with discipline as well.