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Space Fortress is an interesting Strategy Shooting match-up. It isn’t very much like any ordinary Shooter game, this game has a bit of everything across the board. It has –

*Blasting foes on an obscure planet.

*Use an assortment of weapons available to you.

*Upgrades for weapons to make them all the more impressive.

*The capacity to construct a fort around you to shield yourself from the attacking influxes of outsider species.

*Many Fortress redesign choices and the capacity to add programmed Turrets to your fort!

*Hire different Mercenaries fighters to help you in your fight.

*Extra Premium Advantages gave by means of MochiCoins (on the off chance that you have some extra money).

*And ultimately, Perks are accessible for your person to build your survivability, power and other huge moves up to propel your fortification.

Initial feelings

Getting going, the game appears to be somewhat sluggish, with its instructional exercise, slow rushes of beginning adversaries and very little to do with your fundamental gun and no stronghold. However, after the initial not many waves, the games turns into much more profound with additional to do, more choices get opened to you, and the game begins to open up to its high capability of fun.


You can either utilize the W,A,S,D keys or Arrow Keys <-^ – > to move you character about.

We thought that it is ideal to utilize W,A,S,D and afterward you can focus on pointing with your mouse.

Number keys 1-0 can be utilized to change between your present prepared weapons.

Esc Key – Options Menu


The interface in Space Fortress is exceptionally cool. From left to right we have:

*Health Icon in %

*Fortress Heat Map

*Weapon Selection

*Realtime Map


*Option Buttons

Ongoing interaction

The game play is extraordinary, and is further developed than it looks. There are 30 levels to get by through, with numerous adversaries, weapons and overhauls getting opened as you advance through every one.

One of a kind to this game are the presentation of a wide range of adversaries, all with various individual details and extraordinary capacities that you need to learn and keep an eye out for, these differ from flying, to underground diggers.

The Interface is exceptionally simple to work out, and with every one of the Perks, Weapons and Upgrades this game will hamper you a decent couple of long stretches of fascinating game play.


Advantages are extra additional items accessible to help and build your characters, fort and weapons capacities.

*Ammo Carrier – Increase Ammo limit by half between levels.

*Elite Mercenaries – Increase harm and ammunition limit of hired soldiers by 25%. (PREMIUM)

*Extended Clip – Increases ammunition limit by half constantly.

*Firearm’s Specialist – Increase weapon harm by half. (PREMIUM)

*Gold Finder – Increase gold from foes by half.

*Dead Mercenaries – Dead hired soldiers will be mended after 1 wave.

*Powerful Towers – Increases tower harm by 35%.

*Life Regen – Increase life regen by +2 every second.

*Stronger Mercs – Increase life by 150 and life regen by +2 every second.

*Stronger Muscles – Gives you an extra +150 wellbeing.

*Stronger Towers – Increases base pinnacles wellbeing by half.

*Stronger Walls – Increases divider wellbeing by half.

*Toughness – You get 10% less harm from assaults.


There are 11 Weapons to purchase and browse.

dps = harm each second

*Laser Pistol (start gun with limitless ammunition) – 8dps

*Rifle – 15dps

*Crystin – 26dps

*Shotgun – 45dps (PREMIUM)

*Auto Rifle – 31dps

*Flamethrower – 86dps

*Plasma Rifle – 37dps

*Sniper – 68dps (PREMIUM)

*Flak Cannon – 102dps

*Missile Launcher – 75dps (PREMIUM)

*Minigun – 76dps


You can begin assembling a fortification when you reach $7700. The stronghold has 4 pinnacles in which you can put a programmed turret. There are 3 Turrets to ufabetทางเข้าเล่น. Turrets are an unquestionable requirement for more elevated levels, they will help you a great deal!

Hired soldiers

There are a sum of 10 Mercenaries which you can recruit to help you in your fights.

*John – 15dps – Wave 1

*Machim – 26dps – Wave 3

*Jason – 45dps – Wave 5

*Turk – 31dps – Wave 8 (PREMIUM)

*Pyscho – 86dps – Wave 10

*Dabor – 37dps – Wave 12

*Chuck – 68dps-Wave 15

*Everton – 102dps – Wave 18

*Vabolt – 75dps – Wave 21 (PREMIUM)

*Matheus – 76dps – Wave 24 (PREMIUM)

Premium Features

And afterward in the event that you have some extra money to consume on MochiCoins you can get the superior additional items!

*Unlock Premium Features – 1400 Coins

*500,000 Money (additionally applies for any remaining new missions) – 400 Coins

*Cheat Level – Skip a Level/Wave – 200 Coins

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